Mars Planet Windows 7 Themes

Windows 7 Themes- Mars is the 4th planet in our solor system. Its name is taken from the god of war the Romans, Mars. This planet is often dubbed as the “red planet” because it appears from afar colored reddish pink. This is caused by the presence of iron oxide on the surface of Mars. Mars is a rocky planet with atmosphere is thin.

We have collected some stunning wallpapers of mars from Nasa Inc and composed a windows 7 themes for you. If you like to have new appearance on your desktop then you can use this. Following is the preview of this theme:

Mars Planet Windows 7 Theme a

Mars Planet Windows 7 Theme b

Mars Planet Windows 7 Theme

You can download it from following link:

Download Mars Planet theme for Windows 7 | Mirror

Total Images used in this theme: 6

Images will changed in every: 30 minutes

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