Google+ Plus theme for Windows 7

Google+ Plus is a new social network launched by Google inc and it appears as rival of Facebook with variations in development and function. It provides the opportunity to break contacts with Circle, deciding between friends, acquaintances, work, family with the ability to create other categories, aiming at a good level of privacy .

Moreover, lots of webdesigner and developers are creating Google plus Wallpapers and Icons to use it on desktop screen and on laptops.

Google Plus theme for Windows 7

We have created Google+ Plus Windows 7 Theme for you. In this theme we have used 8 Google+ Plus wallpapers from our 11 Google+ Wallpaper Package. Following is the preview of this theme:

Google Plus Windows 7 Theme - 1

Google Plus Windows 7 Theme - 2

Google Plus Windows 7 Theme - 3

Google Plus Windows 7 Theme - 4

You can download this theme from the following link:

Download Google+ Plus Windows 7 Theme 

Download Google+ Plus Windows 7 Theme v2.0

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Feel free to distribute this work to your friends and in forums. If you are looking for more Windows 7 theme then dont forgot to browse Windows 7 Themes section.

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  1. Prajith says:

    thanks…very nice theme….and wallpapers……

  2. WINDOW 7 THEMES says:

    very nice theme
    i found first google plus theme till now

  3. derangula rajasekhar says:

    thanks sir..!
    thanks for themes and internetgoogle webpage themes please conceton

  4. Anonymous says:

    check this out.. another Google+ Theme

  5. James Adams says:

    They’re really nice wallpapers with great design! But is anyone really that passionate about Google+ yet? Nobody I know uses it :(

  6. Beuty Tips says:

    Thanks dude.. gbu ^_^

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