Angry Birds for Google Chrome

The creator of Angry Birds game, Rovio has just released Angry Birds for Google Chrome, which means you can now play Angry Birds on your Chrome Browser without need of installing it on your PC.

Angry Birds for Google Chrome

Although the game is simple and runs inside the web browser, it requires a reasonable configuration of the machine. The primary requirement is on account of a video card with 3D acceleration, which enables the user to perform Angry Birds in high-definition (HD) and with more speed.

To play you must access this link AngryBirds for Chrome in your browser Google Chrome clear and ready. You can also access Angry Birds at Chrome Store and let it flap in the main Google Chrome and even create a link on your Desktop to the same.

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  1. decerlyn says:

    I love to Play angry birds on my favorite browser i.e Google Chrome. I’m also waiting for Temple run game for Chrome.

  2. yogendra says:

    it is a nice game for passing time – i love it

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